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Monday, March 16, 2015

Ohana means FAMILY & FAMILY means no one gets left behind. or overlooked.

So I acknowledge the fact that my letter last week was sub par. I believe you'll be very pleased with this one. Elder Corpus (my companion) is actually getting his patriarchal blessing today so we'll be busy doing that later today. It's kind of a weird situtation since he's supposed to already have it but before he came out everybody just assumed he did. I'm super excited, it's certainly going to be an awesome experience.

Hopefully I'll be able to contain my thoughts well enough to write about these past two weeks because they were really pretty awesome. 

This is me in the Science museum at the light exhibit. 

On my Birthday we went to the museum of science and visited the special Mayan exhibit! It was very cool. The best part was they had this thing where you typed in your birthday and it printed it in Mayan, especially because I was actually there on my Birthday. The sister missionaries that we serve with were super champs and made me a cake. They also left goodies all around town where I was going to be that day. Between that and all the emails & packages I received it made for a really great birthday. Thank you!

This is me in front of the Church of Science. 

On Friday we had a Zone Conference and it was so amazing! We had the whole mission presidency there along with their wives and we spent like two hours having an open panel where we could ask any question. I thought it would be all about doctrine but it was all specific questions about missionaries investigators. I was impressed to see what people really wanted help with. Our mission presidency is built up of some of the most remarkable people alive today both on a secular and a spiritual level. Pres. Christensen is considered the most innovative thinker in the world! Literally he's won the title for the past three years in a row. He told us that Pres. Obama calls him on a regular basis. He went on vacation to England and the Prime Minister called him and asked him to come and visit. Apparently the apostles call him too asking for advice. I really love this guy. His testimony is one of the most sincere testimonies ever! His take on missionary work is so revolutionary and yet stated so simply. 

Pres. Haight is also in our mission presidency and he covenanted to invite someone to meet with the missionaries every single day of his life. He did this 12 years ago and he hasn't missed a day since he made that promise. In fact on the way to the Zone conference he had already invited 2 people. It might sound like he's just trying to live the set apart mission life but it's truly just who he is.

I've already written a lot about how great Pres. Packard is so I won't go into that today but you know that I love him too. 

Besides that I'll write about our main man Harry! He is the most Golden investigator ever. By his efforts we've found three new investigators. He's already brought two of them to church and he is so excited to be a member. We meet with him about three times a week. One to teach him, two to have him help us teach his friends and three is when he comes out with us to help teach our other investigators! If that's not conversion I don't know what is. Last Saturday we made a rough draft baptismal program with him and then on Sunday he went around and asked all the members to help out/come to his baptism. He also co-teaches in Gospel principles so that's super cool as well. We have three guys in our ward who speak Chinese so we're going to have one of them baptize Harry in Chinese and the other two will witness. It's going to be very cool. He's going to be baptized on the 29th.  I am saying the opening prayer at his baptism. The entire program was almost completely member based but we still are a part of it. 

Final story is about a funeral we went to. So we visit a lot of people at Hospitals who come from out of state since Boston has a lot of remarkable hospitals. Well unfortunately one of them died which is sad and I don't mean to be disrespectful towards her or her life but this is actually a pretty funny story. We get invited to the funeral and we feel like we should go even though it's out of our Zone so we had to get permission to go. We show up and boy were we surprised! We though it was a different lady that we had visited who had died. So we were completely taken back when suddenly we were asked to be pall bearers and to also say the opening and closing prayer. I've never been apart of any funeral to that degree before but hey we figured we would step up to the plate. The funeral service only lasted like 20 minutes which was sad, everybody was a nonmember but it was held at one of our churches so at the end the Bishop got up and basically taught the Plan of Salvation so that was pretty great. It was an interesting experience that's for sure. 

This is the Cambridge Stake Center. We were helping with a blood drive here.  It's the most expensive church building in America for us. It's 3 stories and has an underground parking garage. 

Well I've gotta be heading out but hopefully this letter was better that last weeks. I love you guys!

Elder Trevon Turley

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