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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Scoop

This was one of my momentous mail days ever. I got three unique letters and a really awesome package. Great day!

This has certainly been one of the fastest weeks of the mission. We also only had two normal days which played a huge factor in it. On Wednesday we had Return and Report which I know I've already explained a few times but as a refresher it's a meeting for all of the new missionaries and their companions to basically check in and see how they're adjusting to the mission. Which took all day! On Thursday we had interviews with Pres. Miller and it was awesome! He basically just told me that when he talks he tends to ramble so he would just let me ask him whatever I wanted and it was so helpful for me to be able to rely on his experience. 

Meet my new companion Elder Acosta. He's a lot of fun and a great missionary. We got to go to the temple so that was good. 

Friday we went to EFY! It was the first time I've ever been but we were special guests and there were kids there from all over America! It was a little strange because they had all the missionaries there stand up on the stage and everybody was clapping and cheering and it felt so strange. Everything we try to do as a missionary is supposed to not attract attention to us and then we're put up on a stage and treated like we're famous. I don't think I liked it. I did like the part when we got to break off into groups and help the youth find the best ways to answer questions that their friends might ask them. That was a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll be able to send some pictures home from that. 

Steve has been in the hospital this whole week because he's going through Chemo so that's been really rough for all of us. On Sunday we got permission to leave our area to go and teach him, it was needed for all of us there. The Bishop's son drove us there and he helped us teach so that was nice but you could tell that Steve's health is failing, the only place he can turn to for nourishment is the gospel. He's more determined to get baptized this Sunday than any other person I've taught. I pray that he'll be released from the hospital in time.

On a bit of a funnier story I got pulled over for the first time. We were on our way to Bishops house to go teach Steve and we were running pretty late. I'm driving pretty quickly, we round a bend and just standing on the side of the road are like 5 cops with a speed gun. Well they wave for me to pull over so I do but the interesting thing is that they were all wearing bullet proof vests and they even had a few dogs with them so we're pretty sure they were there for something else. One of the cops pulls up to me and says "We just wanted to let you know that we pulled you over for going 47 in a 30 . Now I know that's pretty fast but we really had probably the best story that cop had ever heard: we were late to an appointment with a man trying to follow Jesus Christ who also has cancer. He also recognizes who we are and asks us if our church building is the one on Old Webster Road, it is. He doesn't even ask where we're going though, he just takes all the papers and stuff disappears and then comes back about 3 minutes later and says "it's just a verbal warning today but be careful next time" Pretty nice eh? We think it's because we had stuck a pass-along card of Jesus in the window earlier that day. 

Anyways it was a really good week for us!  Thanks and I love ya

Elder Trevon Turley

This is at a members house who fed us dinner Sunday night. They do foster care and two of their kids are being sealed to them this week. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's a slower paced life here in Oxford

I got your package. It was really great, thank you. 

This week's been a pretty good one. The stake President's son got home from his mission and gave his homecoming talk at church on Sunday and it was really good. He served in Rio de Janeiro. Hopefully we'll be able to get him to come out teaching with us before he goes back to school. 

Oxford is definitely a slower paced life than what I've been used to. We are working hard at finding some local community service we can get involved in. 

Steve is still our main man! Last week we went over to his house to teach him about the Law of Chastity, the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Tithing. He already knew Everything! When we asked him how he told us that he spends a lot of time driving so he listens to anything he can find on the Gospel Library app and apparently he listened to the audio recording of the pamphlets for all of those lessons. It messed up our commitment because we were going to ask him to read them. So we committed him instead to read about Temples because that's what we're going to teach him next time. Besides teaching the Restoration I think teaching people about Temples is my favorite lesson. It really links every other lesson together and gives people direction in understanding their responsibilities as a member. Of course that applies to every single member not just those recently baptized. 

Q & A with mom
1. Spice!
2. Having four distinct seasons
3. It's just the two of us and we cover 12 neighboring towns
4. When presented with some trial people feel more comfortable asking a friend for help. Why? Because they have developed a relationship with them. So it is with God, we must develop a relationship with him and increase our understanding of him. As we do this we feel more comfortable asking for his help and we are more apt to recognize his help when it does come. 
5. Understanding people in their adversity 
6. The responsibility the members feel to take care of us
7. A Yoga DVD
8. No, I get letters in the mail frequently but no packages
9. Go out with the missionaries
10. No but I have spoken with him about 4 times which is more than most.

1.. What is one thing food wise that you really miss from Arizona?
2. What is one thing that you will really miss about New England that you just don't see here in Arizona?
3. Are there just the two of you in Oxford? Do you just cover Oxford?  or are there neighboring cities you cover as well?   
4. What is something that you learned this week in your studies that we could all benefit hearing about.  
5.  What do you feel your current companions greatest strength is?
6.  What is something you really love about the ward you are in? 
7. If you were to get a package from home is there anything you would like to see in it?
8. Has anyone else sent you a package recently?
9.  What counsel would you give to the Priests in our ward who are preparing to go out on missions?
10. Have you had a chance to have an interview with the new mission president yet? 

Love ya guys!
Elder Trevon Turley

Monday, July 13, 2015

Everybody falls short sometimes but the Atonement is what allows us to get back up

I'm in a car again, I'm driving. My companion has been out a whole week and a half and I think we'll be able to attend the temple. Yvonne got your package so thank for that. She loved it. 

Well I've really enjoyed this past week in Oxford. We've had the opportunity to meet with Steve twice this week and both have been marvelous experiences. He is honestly one of the best men I have ever met. His kindness and integrity is an example to me. He has truly been prepared to receive the restored Gospel. He read the entire Book of Mormon in a month and he has such amazing faith in it. I'm grateful for him and I hope to continue to find others like him during my time here in Oxford. 

On the flip side there are a few families that we're working with that are really struggling. They still have faith in God and a testimony of the church but for whatever reason they aren't living up to the commandments of God. I am also grateful for the chance I have to work with these people. Sometimes I find myself thinking that those who are "prepared" are those who have no struggles in accepting God's commandments. This is not true! The Atonement is real and I'm successful as a missionary when I can help others learn how to accept and apply it in their lives. The people who are "prepared"are those who are humble enough to accept the restored Gospel regardless of background. Everybody falls short sometimes but the Atonement is what allows us to get back up.

Please pray for Elder Acosta and I that we will be able to find those who are prepared to receive the restored Gospel.


Elder Trevon Turley

Monday, July 6, 2015

Our dinner calendar is all filled up for the entire month and I'm really excited for that!

Well I'm officially in Oxford! Everything has been going really well and I'm so grateful for the members for welcoming us in with open arms. Many of the brethren were very excited to have us because it makes things a little easier for them to participate in the missionary work. A lot of them were hugging us because they were so excited. Now we just need to find people to teach so we can bring them a long with us. We don't really have that many investigators but we do have one really solid investigator who has a baptismal date for August 2. We haven't met with him yet but I've only heard great things about him from the ward members. The members here are quite different than the members in Boston but that was to be expected. Thankfully they love to feed us so our dinner calendar is all filled out for the entire month and I'm really excited for that!  
This is pretty much what every house in Oxford looks like. It's very scenic and beautiful. 

Elder Acosta is really fun too. I know he's going to teach me a lot about perseverance and diligence in doing the Lord's work and I'm grateful for that. He's from Orem Utah and he actually went to the same High School as Elder Nixon so they know some of the same people. 

President Miller is really awesome as well. He's very enthusiastic about the work and has so much joy when he speaks about his new calling. We got a chance to meet him on Friday and I spoke with him for about 30 seconds is all but it was enough for me to know that he has been called of God to direct the missionary efforts here in New England.

This was my last dinner in Boston. It's a 20 inch creamy jalapeƱo chicken sub and I ate all of it. 

I was worried that I would miss Boston so much that I would short change my experience in Boston but I feel so strongly that I'm here to accomplish a specific task that I don't have time to miss Boston. I'm too occupied trying to figure what it is that God needs me to accomplish here in Oxford. Currently I feel very strongly that we need to work with strengthening the members specifically those who aren't active. We're presented with a wonderful opportunity since Elder Acosta and I are both new and we get to start fresh with every single member. 

We had a car for my last three days in Boston which was very convenient. 

Thanks for your support, I love you all. If anyone wanted to send me some beef jerky I'd be most appreciative. 

Elder Trevon Turley

P.S. I just realized I hit my 9 month mark in 2 days. Boy has time gone quick. In 3 months I'll have been gone for a whole year!