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Monday, December 22, 2014

Remember where it all comes from

So on Wednesday we had our Christmas Mission Party which was so much fun. It started off super spiritual since we all got to go to the temple and then we had some instruction from the mission presidency, by the way the guy who wrote the Power of Everyday Missionaries is in our mission presidency so it's way cool to hear from him. He's a great man.  We had a musical fireside after that and man do we have talent in this mission. We have this asian girl who can play the piano better than anyone I've ever met before. She can play ridiculously well I can't even explain it. We also have this guy who's a master at the organ in fact he's played in a concert at the Conference Center and I guess that's not even the most prestigious organ he's played. Then we had dinner and after that each zone had a skit and a song that they performed. I'll try and get the skit to you eventually since it was recorded. Then we got our presents from home and I can officially say that I have enough food for a long time now so thank you very much for that Mom. Especially the eating out gift cards.  Also thank you to everyone who mailed me presents and cards and stuff it's been a lot of fun to open them up and share them with my companion. 

We've had quite a lot of success knocking on doors with this Christmas season since people are much more open to messages of Christ and with the new church video that came out we've made some real progress with people. Plus when it's below freezing people are more inclined to let you in their house just for the sake of warming you up.

We've been helping out this guy who's a neurosurgeon in our ward with his horses. Every saturday we go and shovel the stalls and feed the horses and stuff like that. In return they feed us some of the greatest breakfasts known to man. Mostly because they buy really nice maple syrup from northern Vermont and it is amazing! It might even be better than buttermilk syrup. This guy is also the largest collector of Mormon antiques east of the Mississippi. He's got stuff that the church would love to get a hold of. As a result I've held a few 1830 editions of the Book of Mormon, I've held Heber C. Kimballs personal Book of Mormon, I've held the rarest edition of the Book of Mormon which is actually the first edition of the Hawaiian version and countless other books and notes and stuff concerning church history. It's really helped me to see these early church leaders as real people with real personalities and given me a greater appreciation for what they've done for us. 

Well have a great Christmas everyone and remember where it all comes from. 
Love Elder Trevon Turley 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christ is the one who matters most in this season

Well things have been crazy lately with the mission. We havent had much time to actually teach people since we've been going to so many meetings and have been doing a lot of mission stuff but This week should open up. 

Me shoveling snow down at the church

We found this tree up in our attic so we decided to set it up. Here is an Artistic shot of our christmas tree. We didnt have very many ornaments and for whatever reason we have a bunch of poker chips in our apartment so we made ornaments out of them! You can see a few in the picture.

I was making a snow man before a district meeting and I was the only one building him. Everyone else said it was too cold and they didnt have gloves. SO the Arizona boy representing it up here. I lost feeling in my fingrertips for a few days but it was worth it!

We baptized our only progressing investigator so now we can spend a lot of time finding people and doing service and working with ward members to get referrals. He's worked in security his whole life and he keeps telling us stories about the churches security service for the apostles and stuff. I dont know where he hears these stories but he loves them and he tells us that he meets almost all the requirments to aplly to be a security guard for the apostles so I think it's a dream of his to do that one day.

This Guy was baptized two days ago and he is way awesome! He's the guy who came to us wanting to be baptized so it was great to finally baptize him. We're also going to the temple with him on Dec. 27

This guy was baptized on November 29th & we are also taking him to the temple on December 27th. It's very exciting. 

One thing I'd really like to receive from you Mom or either of my Grandmas. Names from my own family line that I can take to the temple. That would be so awesome! Also Mom a little photo book with family pictures in it, please. 

Tell Cam that his white elephant gift sounds great. Good for him for being original. Also can you send me your skype address one more time & I'll write it in my handy address book you sent me. Thanks Mom!

When I heard that the Ultimate Gift was making a new movie I was so excited! That is certainly one of the things I'll be looking forward to when I get home. Tis the pinnacle of Hallmark movies! I wonder if it's going to have Jason in it as a child? The possibilities are endless!

Our mission Christmas party is this wednesday and It's gonna be so great. It's the only "party" the mission has the whole year and the best part is that we get to go to the temple again so I'm very excited for that as well.

Our Boston temple gingerbread house. 

Elder Stevens and I in front of the Boston temple. 

I've been learning so much here on the mission but I feel as though the fact that I'm a missionary isn't why I'm learning so much. It's becasuse I have a purpose behind my studies. Something to give me a drive and push me to be better. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that anybody can learn and grow as much as a missionary so long as they have a purpose behind their learning. There is so much that we don't know but we're promised knowledge as we follow the steps in Alma 26:22. That is one of my favorite scriptures and it has so much depth to it. It's definitely one worth memorizing.

My Companion & I were talking about how if the world could have one scripture and one scripture alone what would it be? The challenge was to find a scripture so simple and full of doctrine that anybody could learn from it in a positive way. At fist Elder Stevens said Alma 5:12 but we don't know what caused the change and what was true so we got rid of it. Eventually we decided on a few scriptures that we thought were good candidates for our one verse. I'll list a few, I'd like you to read them & let me know what you think. 
2 Nephi 31:20
Moroni 10:32
2 Nephi 2:25
2 Nephi 2:27

Let me know your pick or of any others that you think are better. My personal favorite is 2 Nephi 31:20, It's a way awesome scripture and I'm pretty sure it's Grandma Turley's favorite at least that's what I have marked in my scriptures. 

Remember that Christ is the first Gift of Christmas and that he's the one who matters most in this season. I love you all and am praying for you daily.
-Elder Turley


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A challenge for you

Yeah He is the Gift is way awesome indeed. Although I got to watch it in the MTC since the guy who runs the media missionary department of the church came and spoke to us and showed us the video. Fun Fact: the music to the video was based off of that song by Christina Aguilar and that duet she did with some guy awhile back. I dont remember the name since the mission veil is thick on me right now but I'm pretty sure it started with an "S".

The place we had thanksgiving does normally have electricity but with the storms there was no power but it was a lot of fun regardless.

Yeah I'm enjoying the 24 days til Christmas package. It's been fun to try and guess what's in each one before I open it. Thanks Mom. 

I was in the MTC with the guy in Lances picture from his last letter. His name is Elder Childress. Could you somehow get that message to Lance for me, thanks. 

You should start getting an email from Sister Handfield pretty soon. Her family is the one that reminds me of the Shoemakers so I really like them. In fact she should be sending you a picture of me so hopefully it will hold you over until I remember to bring my camera with me on PDay. 

You'll get a more personal letter next week but for now I want to challenge anybody reading this to do as I ask here. Our mission President has been working with Elder Holland developing what they call 'Knot Chapters". The idea is that understanding the atonement is like climbing a rope. There are certain things you cant see or understand until you have reached a certain height. The idea behind these chapters is that they're like knots in the rope to help us find a grip and hold onto to help us climb that rope. I'm going to give you the list of knot chapters and ask that you at least one a week using the read, pray, write (RPW) method described in "The Power of Everyday Missionaries". I'm going to copy the letter President Emailed us talking about these chapters.

President Packard

Dear Elders and Sisters,

The atonement of Jesus Christ is the most important, most beautiful, most sublime doctrine we will ever study. It has profound personal and cosmic significance. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that all things “which pertain to our religion are only appendages” to the atonement of Jesus Christ. Despite the atonement’s obvious significance, none of us know enough about it. Sometimes, church members behave as if they have already heard so much about the atonement, they need to look for something “deeper” to study when, in fact, the atonement has all the depth they should ever need or want. 

We believe that coming to understand the atonement of Jesus Christ is a lot like climbing a rope. It takes effort. Moreover, in this journey towards understanding the atonement, there are some places that a person cannot go until they have already attained certain strengths and attributes. To help us climb the rope of our understanding, the Lord has given us some scriptural passages that are like knots in the rope. These passages are extremely helpful and give us something upon which we can firmly grip. Their scope and depth are breathtaking. We refer to these passages as “knot chapters.” Many of them are contained in the Book of Mormon, which was given to us for the “convincing of the Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ.” This past week, we have gone through the Book of Mormon and have identified the following 15 “knot chapters” for your consideration. They are:

1) Lehi’s final discourse to his posterity in 2 Nephi 2;
2) Jacob’s words to the people of Nephi contained in 2 Nephi 6-9 with an emphasis on Chapter 9;
3) Nephi’s explanation of the Doctrine of Christ in 2 Nephi 31;
4) Jacob’s “few words” written upon plates in Jacob 4;
5) King Benjamin’s speech in Mosiah 2-5. The whole speech is spectacular, but some of the key atonement passages are found in chapters 2 and 3;
6) Abinadi’s words before King Noah in Mosiah 15-16;
7) Alma’s words to the Church in Gideon in Alma 7;
8) Alma and Amulek’s confrontation with Zeezrom in Alma 11-12;
9) Amulek’s words to the Zoramites in Alma 34;
10) Alma’s words to his son Corianton in Alma 39-42 with an emphasis on Chapter 42;
11) The doctrinal portion of Samuel the Lamanite’s prophesy in Helaman 14;
12) Jesus’ initial discourse to the Nephites in 3 Nephi 11;
13) Jesus’ explanation of “my gospel” to the Nephites in 3 Nephi 27;
14) Moroni’s call to those who do not believe in Christ in Mormon 9;
15) Mormon’s epistle to Moroni in Moroni 8.

We realize that creating a list like this will open a discussion about whether we selected the best passages. We welcome this kind of discussion, and hope that you will add other favorites to your own list. However, the chapters we have identified are filled with profound insight. You can study them for a lifetime and never plum all their depths. If you truly understand these chapters, you will be well on your way to understanding the atonement. We pray that you will allow the Book of Mormon to truly convert you to the Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement. When this happens, your life will have more context and purpose, and your missionary efforts will be more focused and effective.

President and Sister Packard

Now the  RPW method is as follows:
pray for the spirit as you read and ask to have specific questions or revelation revealed
read the chapter
write what you've learned

Now repeat the process asking for the spirit of confirmation to make sure that what you've learned is what Heavenly Father wants you to learn
read the chapter again
revise your notes
finally end with a prayer of gratitude for what you've learned

I know that as you do this your love for, appreciation of,  understanding of,  and ability to use the atonement of Jesus Christ will become more personal and will grow so much.

I love you all and wish the very best for each of you
Elder Turley

Friday, December 5, 2014

The cold tundras of the East

The Library internet was down this week so I'm sorry my letter is late but I had to mail it.  This week has been pretty great & there are quite a few notable things to write about.  First off one of our investigators was baptized and confirmed this last weekend.  I'll send pictures soon enough.  He is 18 & has a really strong desire to do what is right.  He's already planning on a mission which is very impressive to say the least.  After his baptism his younger brother asked us when he could be baptized.  We will begin teaching him now and his brother will help us with that.

The past few days it's been above freezing so all the snow is melting.  Now everything is exceptionally cold and wet.  Regardless the snow has been great and I'm enjoying it. In fact I made my first snowman last Friday.  It was snow much fun.  Haha, get it. I didn't have gloves with me so for the past few days I haven't had 100% feeling in my fingertips.  It finally feels like it's returning.

We started passing out "He is the Gift" cards for the new church video & we are having great success with this.  We've also had good success with shoveling snow for people.  It's a great way to meet new people.  If only the missionaries in Arizona could know what it's like to shovel snow, ALL day.

As you know we also had Thanksgiving here in Massachusetts.  Boy did I feel like I was part of the first one ever in America.  This really nice older lady invited us to her house which is really a primitive log cabin.  It was in the middle of the woods & there was NO electricity.  We ate and visited by candlelight & were warmed by her firepit.  She is the only member in her family so it was great cause all of her family & friends she invited were not members. We were a little out of our comfort zone but I soon had the thought come to me, Growth never occurs in a comfort zone.

I would also like to update you on our apostolic heaven inspired mission goal of 70 baptisms for November.  We ended up with 100 exactly. It feels so good to know that we as a whole helped 100 people come to know of the true church on the earth.  I don't know this for a fact but I could see my mission president one day being a general authority in the church. Being in an instrument in the Lords hands is one of the best feelings ever, like Ammon in Alma 26. Pres. Packard should be emailing you soon, let me know if you don't get something from him. 

I don't have Brother Shoemaker's email but will you tell him that I am so grateful for his example and enthusiasm to serve God and others.  Will you tell him that he will always be my "Pa" and that I hope to make him proud and to be such a great disciple of Christ like he is. Will you tell him that I know he'll do great in his new calling and that I'm praying for him and his family.  BTW, all this goes for "Ma" Shoemaker as well.

Could you please send me the Watt's address? As a matter of fact in your next letter to me if you include addresses of family and friends that would be really great.

Merry Christmas everyone! Elder Turley

Hello Elder Turley's mom & dad!!!
I'm a member from the ward your son is serving in and I would just like to give you notice that your son is of the upmost moral character here as would be expected of one representing the divinest of institutions.
Though he tends to crack his joints at every moment possible!
Keep your prayers with him often, his westernized gentile Mormon upbringing is about to be humbled by the cold tundra's of the East...
No but in all seriousness he's a great guy and missionary, his study of the gospel is serving him well.
P.S. Those vanilla wafers you sent him were Amazing!
- Jose Lu