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Monday, November 3, 2014

It was that Amazing!

So this week has been pretty awesome. I expect every week will be. I really miss the sun though so that's unfortunate. It's been really cold here like a high of 30. Literally, freezing cold plus the wind chill makes it even colder. How's life in the sunshine state? 

This is not my companion. Elder Pulsipher is who took me out contacting my very first day in Boston. 

We had our ward trunk or treat and like 3 families showed up so that was interesting. Regardless the work is progressing. In fact it's going really well. One of our investigators actually went contacting with us and he really enjoyed it. He's a little younger than me and he's already planning for a mission. His member friend wasnt planning on it but now they both want to go. It's great because they keep each other in  line. 

We also got a media referral from a guy asking for a bible. We go over to his house to drop it off and there are these two ladies there who wont listen to anything we say & they think we are Jehovah witnesses and slam the door on us. So we leave there feeling really confused. Anyways the next day at church this new guy is there with his friend and it was the same guy who requested the bible! Turns out he was just at work and it was the dog sitters who shut us down. HE aplogized profusely when we told him what happened. On top of that he's already read half of the Book of Mormon and we have our first lesson with him this wednesday. He's pretty much ready to be baptized. It's great being a part of this but it really has nothing to do with us, he has totally prepared himself.

The struggle that I've noticed here in this area is that we have really great first contacts and then people here are workaholics and it's like impossible to meet with them again. We have about 7 people that we've met since I've been here who were all really interested but we've been  unable to meet with them since.  It's a struggle. It's also pretty difficult to connect with people here. Once you do establish a relationship people are more open but until then everyone's  pretty closed off. I guess that's why we need members to help bridge that gap for us. 

Here Are the Elder Turleys. I met my 2nd cousin who got here 6 weeks before me. It's pretty cool. 

I havent taken a picture with my companion but I've gotten some great neature shots. How neat is that? That's pretty neat! I'll be sure and send them to you. 

I actually had to turn the car around and go back for this picture. It was that amazing. 

I got the package you sent and the food was on point thank you for that. I'm in the largest area in the mission. We have rolling hills and farmers and lots of trees and no sea food. In fact like half the people in the ward have connections to Arizona and they all think they know how to make mexican food really well. SInce I'm a native Arizonan they all have made mexican food for me seeking my approval. There's also been a sale on chicken so I had chicken fajitas 3 nights in a row. It was all really good food but honestly all I really want is to have some good sea food. 

Thank you to everyone who wrote me. I love hearing about your normal day to day happenings. Please keep those letters coming. They mean a lot to me. 

Elder Turley

This was a drawing someone did for me in the MTC, I liked it. 

This is Garretts uncle I think & his wife. He was in the Branch Presidency over me in the MTC. 

This was our MTC mission zone. 

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