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Monday, November 24, 2014

I see miracles everyday

Well hello everybody! I hope ya'll are enjoying the sun while it lasts. We have a really loong sunset that begins at like 2 and goes till like 5 so if we're driving west at all during those times it's blinding. Then it's dark by 5 and we still have 4 hours of proselyting time so it's been a unique experience. Even so I'm adjusting well to the cold. Thank you to everyone who has written me and sent me things, it really makes my day to see what's going on in your world.

I dont know if I told you but we set a mission goal for 70 baptisms in the month of November! In fact Pres. Holland actually set the goal for us as an apostle of the Lord so we really took it to heart. Anyways we're at 63 baptisms already and are expecting to actually reach like 100 baptisms! It's really pretty awesome and has really helped unify the whole mission. It's really a miracle since the record before was 59 baptisms in a month. Pres. Packard's goal is to make this the new normal and I agree with him. Why should this month be any different? I just wanted to let you know that Ive been a part of a miracle and it's a fantastic feeling. 

So that guy who gave the really funny prayer hasnt been to church in a really long time but he has a car and doesnt really have any good excuses.  He was telling us how he gives all the people in his community rides to the store all the time even though he doesnt want to go but he likes to serve. We asked him if he would give people rides to church and he said Yes! We just gave him the name of someone that needed a ride.  Anyway he came Sunday. He was laughing and talking with everybody the whole time so it was really awesome to finally see him at church. It's interesting how eventhough people may not go to church or live all the gospel standards they will still be the first one's to show up at a service project or help other people out. We just figured out a way to get him to church and help other people so it was really great!

So I went to the temple last Wednesday for part of my training and it was so great. We had instruction about how to function as companionships, being fully consecrated and literally acheiving Zion within the mission. Then we went to the temple and it was so great to go there especially after I've learned so much about the gospel I was really able to appreciate the temple much more than before.

 So I figured out one of the sisters in my district has been to Philmont! Her grandpa is in the general young men's presidency so he goes to philmont at least once a year as part of his calling and she went with him! In fact the time she was there was the same week I was there as a scout. It was really cool to make that connection. I talk about the things I've learned at Philmont so much that my companion decided to apply to work there when he gets home! It made me laugh when he told me he was going to apply.

So it's actually been like 60 degrees here on average lately which means all the snow melted but I dont doubt that it will be back soon enough. Strangely enough at 60 degrees I've been turning the A/C on in the car which I never thought I'd do out here but I am.

Thank you so much for your help and support I really appreciate it. If you mail me Christmas cds I will send them back home. The reason for that is we already have a lot of Christmas cds. I thought I would give some specifics on what would be really nice to receive. 
The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack
Clyde Bawden
Conference talks
EFY stuff
David Archuleta stuff

You can get pretty creative with it too dont think that just because it's not produced by the church or isnt hymns that I wont be able to listen to it

Not much has happened this week that's overly noteworthy. I mean I see miracles everyday but some of them are personal and even if I wrote them down I dont think the full concept or idea would be conveyed. When I write letters I feel like Moroni when he complains about how he's not a very good writer. 

Love, Trevon

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