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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey, You wanna talk about Jesus?

Well this week has been pretty good. In fact it actually snowed on friday so that was really exciting for me. We were at a zone conference and all the other missionarys were laughing at me because I got so excited but I didnt care.  It was snowing! I still dont care for the cold but the snow was pretty cool. Do you wanna build a snowman? 

My companion & I recently listened to eight lectures on Joseph Smith by Truman G. Madsen. He's the dean of religion at BYU so you know he knows his stuff. It was way cool, it really illustrated that Joseph was both a great prophet and man. For example it tells how Joseph loved to wrestle and that one night two preachers came to his service and they had determined that they were going to best him in scripture knowledge. Well after Joseph bested them he sent them on their way but once they left he got down from the pulipt and chased them down outside and asked them if they would like to try their chances at besting him physically by wrestling. It was hilarious and really shows you that prophets and apostles are real people and that it's only because they're called of God and have his help that they sometimes seem like they're perfect people to us. 

Work is progressing but I'm pretty sure that once you enter the MTC you enter into some time warp zone. I keep thinking things we did last week we did yesterday and that things we did yesterday we did last week. It's a common thing among missionaries and if it werent for a journal I'd have no clue when or where I did anything. Justin actually warned me of this and I totally see what he means now.

I went on exchanges for the first time so that was really fun, our Zone leaders are way cool and super helpful so it was great to have the chance to go proselytinig with someone other than my companion just to see another take on missionary work. I learned a lot about talkng with people you meet on the street. His opener was "Hey! You wanna talk about Jesus!" Surprisingly it worked with just about everyone. We did meet this guy at a park. He wouldnt let us leave or say anything so we just listened to him for like 30 minutes and then we smelt like cigarettes for the rest of the night. But it's cool it was a good experience.

Our Young Men here in the ward don't really take responsobility for their duties and they all show up late or not at all so the elders quorum always pass and me and my companion bless. On sunday the young men's leader became my hero. He's a new guy in the area but he basically got up and told the young men and their fathers that it was their responsobility to prepare and pass the sacrament and that it's not something to take lightly. If you want a description on how he spoke look up 2 Nephi 1:26-27. It was awesome! Hopefully we see some improvement from it. And he's from Arizona so I really like him.

Yesterday my companion wasnt feeling well so he took a nap and I pulled out the records for former investigators and called every single one. Only like a quarter answered and from them only half had any interest but It was great. After four hours of calling people we had regained like 4 investigators which is awesome. We'll see where we can go with that.

Anyways I love you all and want you to know that the greatest joy in this life is helping others. I feel like I'm finally beginning to truly understand that and I hope that you do too. 

On P Day we went to a local museum. Found this on display. What What? State pride right there. 

I also saw this painting called the trio. It reminded me of Holly, Elisabeth and Shelby. If you could somehow get this to them I would appreciate it. I thought it was funny. They even have matching hair color. 

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