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Friday, December 5, 2014

The cold tundras of the East

The Library internet was down this week so I'm sorry my letter is late but I had to mail it.  This week has been pretty great & there are quite a few notable things to write about.  First off one of our investigators was baptized and confirmed this last weekend.  I'll send pictures soon enough.  He is 18 & has a really strong desire to do what is right.  He's already planning on a mission which is very impressive to say the least.  After his baptism his younger brother asked us when he could be baptized.  We will begin teaching him now and his brother will help us with that.

The past few days it's been above freezing so all the snow is melting.  Now everything is exceptionally cold and wet.  Regardless the snow has been great and I'm enjoying it. In fact I made my first snowman last Friday.  It was snow much fun.  Haha, get it. I didn't have gloves with me so for the past few days I haven't had 100% feeling in my fingertips.  It finally feels like it's returning.

We started passing out "He is the Gift" cards for the new church video & we are having great success with this.  We've also had good success with shoveling snow for people.  It's a great way to meet new people.  If only the missionaries in Arizona could know what it's like to shovel snow, ALL day.

As you know we also had Thanksgiving here in Massachusetts.  Boy did I feel like I was part of the first one ever in America.  This really nice older lady invited us to her house which is really a primitive log cabin.  It was in the middle of the woods & there was NO electricity.  We ate and visited by candlelight & were warmed by her firepit.  She is the only member in her family so it was great cause all of her family & friends she invited were not members. We were a little out of our comfort zone but I soon had the thought come to me, Growth never occurs in a comfort zone.

I would also like to update you on our apostolic heaven inspired mission goal of 70 baptisms for November.  We ended up with 100 exactly. It feels so good to know that we as a whole helped 100 people come to know of the true church on the earth.  I don't know this for a fact but I could see my mission president one day being a general authority in the church. Being in an instrument in the Lords hands is one of the best feelings ever, like Ammon in Alma 26. Pres. Packard should be emailing you soon, let me know if you don't get something from him. 

I don't have Brother Shoemaker's email but will you tell him that I am so grateful for his example and enthusiasm to serve God and others.  Will you tell him that he will always be my "Pa" and that I hope to make him proud and to be such a great disciple of Christ like he is. Will you tell him that I know he'll do great in his new calling and that I'm praying for him and his family.  BTW, all this goes for "Ma" Shoemaker as well.

Could you please send me the Watt's address? As a matter of fact in your next letter to me if you include addresses of family and friends that would be really great.

Merry Christmas everyone! Elder Turley

Hello Elder Turley's mom & dad!!!
I'm a member from the ward your son is serving in and I would just like to give you notice that your son is of the upmost moral character here as would be expected of one representing the divinest of institutions.
Though he tends to crack his joints at every moment possible!
Keep your prayers with him often, his westernized gentile Mormon upbringing is about to be humbled by the cold tundra's of the East...
No but in all seriousness he's a great guy and missionary, his study of the gospel is serving him well.
P.S. Those vanilla wafers you sent him were Amazing!
- Jose Lu

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