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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life is good

So I'm just going to write one story and it will be good and then I'll be done.

We have this less active lady with a nonmember husband who came to church for the Christmas service and it was great. We've been trying to set an appointment with her since then and it's never worked out. Well her home teacher is awesome and invited us to go with him to a lesson at her house. So we're there and she's talking all about health issues and surgeries and how she's recovering which is great. Well she mentioned that she was at the Massachusetts General Hospital which happens to be in the Boston first ward. I thought about it more and I realized that she had a really good chance of being there while I was serving there and I knew that we had only ever given one lady a blessing at that hospital and she also had a nonmember husband. So the home-teacher asks if we have anything we wanted to add so I said "this is weird but were you in the hospital during late May or June?" to which she says yes how did you know? and I responded with "because Im the one who gave you a blessing while you were there" to which all the dots started to connect and we had a joyous reunion. I was happy to see that things have gone well for her and thankfully we're best friends now. We've been having a hard time with establishing a good relationship with her but neither of us realized that we already had one so I think from now on things will go better there.

Also the assistants in the mission are finally getting there own area and it's the Boston first ward so I'm excited to go on exchanges there. :) 

Life is good!
Elder Trevon Turley

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