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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kinda a big deal

We've been cooking this week and that's been fun. It's been great to go out and do stuff even though it snowed quite a bit. We've been able to use it to help us. The day after it snowed we walked around with shovels and just shoveled peoples driveways and gave them our cards telling them to give us a call next time it snows. We also invited them to learn more about Christ but we have yet to have someone take us up on that offer. However, we saw a lot of miracles and we're in a great place to see more this upcoming week. We're accomplishing work in many different ways whether it be through finding, teaching or baptizing. It's a great thing! 

One of the miracle stories this week was with a man named James. Last Sunday he was at church with his girlfriend Cindy. Cindy is a member of the Boston Spanish Branch but James is not a member at all. Well when James would spend the weekend with Cindy they would go to church in Boston and they would go to the English ward. Which means that I knew James and Cindy already, in fact I'd taught James a few times in Boston during church. I didn't know that he lived up here in Nashua but we had a wonderful reunion and recognized each other. We were able to set up an appointment for Saturday finally and we taught him the Restoration with Cindy! It was a great lesson and we all felt the Spirit. When we asked him to be baptized on Jan. 30 he said he wasn't going to say yes or no but he wanted to ask God. Great! We set an appointment for Monday and committed him to come to church again. Unfortunately he doesn't actually live within our ward boundaries so we needed to hand him off to the Merrimack Elders. We had him go to their sacrament meeting and made sure the Ward Mission Leader in their ward made contact. Well the hand off went wonderful and the Merrimack Elders are going over tonight to talk with James about the chapters that we asked him to read (Alma 32 and Moroni 10). He's one that's been prepared for the Gospel for a long time and it's something that I could see when I first met him in Boston but I never got to see his conversion through because life got in the way. Thankfully I'll be able to witness his conversion now even though I won't be the one teaching him form now on.  It's pretty exciting. 

Elder Franca and I hgave set some goals for us that we think will really help us focus on the work. I'm going to tell them to you now in an effort to make myself more accountable.
They are: 
find 3 new investigators per week
through personal contacting get one persons contact info every day
extend an invitation to be baptized every week

We had it in our minds last week but it wasn't official yet and we found 6 new investigators and invited three people to be baptized so we started off well. 

I know the church is true and that this work we're doing is much greater than we often treat it. As we do missionary work we fulfill covenants that we made to gather the house of Israel and prepare the earth for the second coming which is kinda a big deal. 

Elder Trevon Turley

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