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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter is here

We had a good week. Some highlights were

Interviews with President Miller
Stake Conference
Teaching people

Our Stake President, Pres. Holland, is amazing. He is just everyone's best friend. The theme of Stake Conference was developing Christlike relationships with those around us. At the adult session of Stake Conference he got up and said "well for the first time I'm in the uncomfortable situation of literally having nothing to add" so he had the tech guy set up a mic and for the last fifteen minutes the 2 counselors walked around with the mic and gave it to people as they felt inspired. Although Pres. Holland did pose theses two questions 1.What blessings come from a Christlike relationship? 2.If this is something we want what gets in the way of us having them? It was cool, I've never really seen that before but that was only the second time I'd been to the adult session of stake conference so who knows maybe it's a little more regular.

For the general session we sat on the stage with lots of crying children and I couldn't really hear even though I was trying. The reason we sat back there is because we had invited a less active man named bro. Comella that week to come and he said he might but he wanted to sit with us in the back so we took the furthest back we could find. He's a train guy that works for Amtrak and he's like the equivalent of lead flight attendant in an airplane.  He showed up 45 minutes late in his train outfit which was super cool and he joined us in the back. Now I've read lots of stories of people unjustly being agitated by noisy children and for the first time I was annoyed by them too. We had promised lots of blessings to this brother if he came to Stake Conference and the children were really throwing that off track. It certainly didn't go unnoticed to our friend and he got up and left quite unexpectedly which really derailed me and I couldn't help but get frustrated with all the little kids. After a short time though Bro. Comella came back with a stack of amtrack junior conductor hats and gave them to all the little kids. At first they didn't pay any mind to it but after some time they figured out what they were and it was a hot topic. I'm not too sure how it worked out but they stayed quiet for the better part of 45 minutes after that which is all the time Bro. Comella had before he had to get back to work. I was grateful for Bro. Comella's patience when I wasn't and hopefully we'll be able to help him have more spiritual experiences at church.

This is Sis Favey. Her mom is pretty old & sick. She's forgotten how to speak English so she just speaks French. I like them. 

It's been cold. Winter is here. 

Elder Trevon Turley

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