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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Scoop

This was one of my momentous mail days ever. I got three unique letters and a really awesome package. Great day!

This has certainly been one of the fastest weeks of the mission. We also only had two normal days which played a huge factor in it. On Wednesday we had Return and Report which I know I've already explained a few times but as a refresher it's a meeting for all of the new missionaries and their companions to basically check in and see how they're adjusting to the mission. Which took all day! On Thursday we had interviews with Pres. Miller and it was awesome! He basically just told me that when he talks he tends to ramble so he would just let me ask him whatever I wanted and it was so helpful for me to be able to rely on his experience. 

Meet my new companion Elder Acosta. He's a lot of fun and a great missionary. We got to go to the temple so that was good. 

Friday we went to EFY! It was the first time I've ever been but we were special guests and there were kids there from all over America! It was a little strange because they had all the missionaries there stand up on the stage and everybody was clapping and cheering and it felt so strange. Everything we try to do as a missionary is supposed to not attract attention to us and then we're put up on a stage and treated like we're famous. I don't think I liked it. I did like the part when we got to break off into groups and help the youth find the best ways to answer questions that their friends might ask them. That was a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll be able to send some pictures home from that. 

Steve has been in the hospital this whole week because he's going through Chemo so that's been really rough for all of us. On Sunday we got permission to leave our area to go and teach him, it was needed for all of us there. The Bishop's son drove us there and he helped us teach so that was nice but you could tell that Steve's health is failing, the only place he can turn to for nourishment is the gospel. He's more determined to get baptized this Sunday than any other person I've taught. I pray that he'll be released from the hospital in time.

On a bit of a funnier story I got pulled over for the first time. We were on our way to Bishops house to go teach Steve and we were running pretty late. I'm driving pretty quickly, we round a bend and just standing on the side of the road are like 5 cops with a speed gun. Well they wave for me to pull over so I do but the interesting thing is that they were all wearing bullet proof vests and they even had a few dogs with them so we're pretty sure they were there for something else. One of the cops pulls up to me and says "We just wanted to let you know that we pulled you over for going 47 in a 30 . Now I know that's pretty fast but we really had probably the best story that cop had ever heard: we were late to an appointment with a man trying to follow Jesus Christ who also has cancer. He also recognizes who we are and asks us if our church building is the one on Old Webster Road, it is. He doesn't even ask where we're going though, he just takes all the papers and stuff disappears and then comes back about 3 minutes later and says "it's just a verbal warning today but be careful next time" Pretty nice eh? We think it's because we had stuck a pass-along card of Jesus in the window earlier that day. 

Anyways it was a really good week for us!  Thanks and I love ya

Elder Trevon Turley

This is at a members house who fed us dinner Sunday night. They do foster care and two of their kids are being sealed to them this week. 

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