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Monday, August 3, 2015

I guess someone noticed

Steve was baptized! It was the best baptismal service I've been to on the mission! In all humility we did a pretty great job. Two of his daughters spoke and neither of them are members and for me at least that's when I felt the spirit the strongest. We were trying to print the programs on Saturday so we could be prepared by Sunday but we just ran into problem after problem, it was really stressful and kinda felt like a waste of a day especially for a Saturday. We didn't even get it worked out and we showed up to church not knowing how or if Steve was going to have a program for his baptism. But during sacrament meeting we had a change in Bishopric! We were not expecting it at all but it worked out really well because we were able to go and change the program and get some help to print it in the clerks office. Then it looked really cool because the program already had the new bishop as presiding even though he'd only been called two hours previously. The stake president was there too so he ended up presiding and bishop conducted but still, it was really cool.

As for a little more about the new Bishop. We were actually at their house for dinner on Saturday night and afterwards I was talking with Elder Acosta about how some families just always seem to be involved in everything that goes on in the ward but nobody really notices, acknowledges or gives them credit. Not that they need but you know what I mean.  I told him I thought the Naefs were one of those families. Well the next day in Sacrament he's called as the new bishop so I lean over to Elder Acosta and whisper is his ear "I guess someone noticed". We were both laughing a little bit.

Steve is crazy with his reading! He read the entire book of Mormon in 5 weeks, he's read the entire Gospel Principles Book all the missionary pamphlets, the entire book on temple prep and now he's started reading preach my gospel. It's so awesome especially because it's sticking! He remembers all of it. We're going over to their house for dinner this Wednesday and I'm so excited to see what's going to be new. He's still battling cancer but this Sunday the whole Ward fasted for him. When Bishop first told him that he was going to ask the ward to fast for him he started crying because he was so touched, I know he'll feel the blessings from my fast as well as the other ward members.

I have learned so much about enduring to the end here in Oxford, I'm not sure what the says about Oxford but I think it's a good thing. The missionary work is really hard here. I've never had to work harder to stay busy than here in Oxford. The members love us though so that's a huge comfort, otherwise I'd really be struggling. Pray for the members in Oxford to help us find those who are ready to receive the restored gospel! It would really help us out. Thanks!

Elder Trevon Turley

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