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Monday, July 6, 2015

Our dinner calendar is all filled up for the entire month and I'm really excited for that!

Well I'm officially in Oxford! Everything has been going really well and I'm so grateful for the members for welcoming us in with open arms. Many of the brethren were very excited to have us because it makes things a little easier for them to participate in the missionary work. A lot of them were hugging us because they were so excited. Now we just need to find people to teach so we can bring them a long with us. We don't really have that many investigators but we do have one really solid investigator who has a baptismal date for August 2. We haven't met with him yet but I've only heard great things about him from the ward members. The members here are quite different than the members in Boston but that was to be expected. Thankfully they love to feed us so our dinner calendar is all filled out for the entire month and I'm really excited for that!  
This is pretty much what every house in Oxford looks like. It's very scenic and beautiful. 

Elder Acosta is really fun too. I know he's going to teach me a lot about perseverance and diligence in doing the Lord's work and I'm grateful for that. He's from Orem Utah and he actually went to the same High School as Elder Nixon so they know some of the same people. 

President Miller is really awesome as well. He's very enthusiastic about the work and has so much joy when he speaks about his new calling. We got a chance to meet him on Friday and I spoke with him for about 30 seconds is all but it was enough for me to know that he has been called of God to direct the missionary efforts here in New England.

This was my last dinner in Boston. It's a 20 inch creamy jalapeño chicken sub and I ate all of it. 

I was worried that I would miss Boston so much that I would short change my experience in Boston but I feel so strongly that I'm here to accomplish a specific task that I don't have time to miss Boston. I'm too occupied trying to figure what it is that God needs me to accomplish here in Oxford. Currently I feel very strongly that we need to work with strengthening the members specifically those who aren't active. We're presented with a wonderful opportunity since Elder Acosta and I are both new and we get to start fresh with every single member. 

We had a car for my last three days in Boston which was very convenient. 

Thanks for your support, I love you all. If anyone wanted to send me some beef jerky I'd be most appreciative. 

Elder Trevon Turley

P.S. I just realized I hit my 9 month mark in 2 days. Boy has time gone quick. In 3 months I'll have been gone for a whole year!

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