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Monday, February 23, 2015

Our mini-missionary

Well this week has been the first week in three weeks that it hasnt snowed enough to close down the T so that's been great! I went on exchanges two days in a row this week as well so that was super fun.  The first one was with Elder Jackson who's our Zone Leader, he is like the perfect missionary. It was great to go on splits with him. We taught Harry our Chinese invesigator and Elder Jackson rocked the first discussion! After we taught the section on apostasy we asked Harry what needed to happen before God could restore his church. He confidently answered that he needed to call another prophet! He is so great. We also  committed him to be baptized.  He said yes before we could even finish our sentence. That was way cool.

After that I went on an exchange with Elder Rice he's a Haitian Elder who's been out for a transfer less than me so his Creole isn't perfect but we had a lot of fun together. He taught me how to pray in Creole so that was fun. It's a pretty cool language and it's very similar to French.

This picture is classic of Boston. It reminds me of the Huxtable houses. 
Friday night we had what's called a "mini-missionary" come stay with us for the weekend. Basically he's a priest aged young man who came and lived the missionary life with us for a few days. His name is Jacob and he was our good luck charm for sure. We got to every appointment on time. We had the busiest day ever and we met quite a few new people! First off we went and taught this less active lady about how to pray and all of her kids were sick so we were able to give them blessings. Then we went to the Hospital to visit a friend of an investigator in New Hampshire. She had just been diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer. We gave her a blessing and taught her about prayer as well as the importance of families. She asked us to come back and meet with her again! We will go on Tuesday. We are considering her a new investigator and we're gonna teach her all about Eternal Families tomorrow. After that we went and visited our main man Harry again and taught him all about the Plan of Salvation, it was the first time he didn't believe everything we said immediately but he has faith that he will receive an answer after he has prayed about it. We also met with a recent convert who's 14  and taught her about how we can use For the Strength of Youth as a guide in our lives. It was awesome to have Jacob with us since he's 16 and could relate well to her.
Here's our mini-missionary. He was great!
On sunday Harry showed up and he took the T all on his own which shows a lot of committment right there. We forgot to tell him how long church was but he was such a great sport about it! He found 4 people in our ward who speak mandarin Chinese, we didn't even know that people in our ward spoke chinese let alone Mandarin Chinese. After church he said it felt like a big family which was so great to hear. We also had a youth baptism in the Portuguese group and he stayed for that too! This Harry guy, he is pretty amazing.
This random sign made us laugh. No idea why it's there. 
Anyway I feel as though I'm just writing a log but I want you to know that so many great things happened this past week and I can't even remember them all or have the time to write about  all of them. I love you all and I am excited to hear from you all. 
Here is what I was talking about. People use whatever they can find to save their parking spots. 
P.S. if any of you have been praying for me to stay warm I'd like to cash those in now. Haha. It's been super cold here. 
Elder Trevon Turley

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