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Monday, February 9, 2015

If it ever snows in Mesa

Sorry I didn't send a letter last week. The Internet was so sketchy with all the storms. I  thought I would be able to write one to mail you but we were just too busy & I just couldn't find the time. I want you to know though that I do feel your love & support & it really means a lot to me. So thanks for that. 

This pic is the four of us who share an apartment. The public transit was all closed due to the storm & we were pretty much confined to our apartment. That night we watched The Testaments which as you know is a fictional Book of Mormon story about the coming of Christ. It was also Elder Corpus' birthday so we busted out some fine cheese & crackers & that was our version of a birthday party for him. 

We've been doing a LOT of shoveling so if it ever snows in Mesa don't you worry, I'll be there to shovel you out. Most of the shoveling is of course for clearing a parking space on the side of the road and it is a viscous battle among neighbors. When it snows six feet (yes I said 6 feet) it takes a lot of time to clear a space for your car to park. People will clear their space and then while at work they will leave some object as a placeholder. The most common is a chair but we've seen everything from Ironing Boards to Guitar Cases, it's pretty much whatever is laying around and is somewhat disposable. Some people have given up on shoveling their car out so at this point you can't even see it anymore except for the antennae which you will see in the picture I sent. 

Elder Corpus and I are doing very well here in Boston even though we're both about as green as it gets we have a lot of fun and I'm so happy that President Packard put us together! We're quite different but we work so well together. He was pretty much your all-star guy in High School. He's great at Football, he was valedictorian and is just a really great, fun guy. We balancce eachother out fairly well and all of the members are surprised when we tell them we've been out for three and four months because they say we work so well together. I hope we get to work together for a long time! 

This really cool guy was recently baptized. He was taught by the Haitian missionaries but was baptized in the English Ward. He is not only super cool but extremely funny. We will be teaching him the new member lessons so I'm very excited to be able to work with him. This is also my companion Elder Corpus. 

Well thanks for all your support and prayers because I certainly need all of it! It is really hard being out on a mission when everyone thinks that just because I wear a name tag that I'm the "answer".  It's certainly very humbling because it helps me realize how much I need to not rely on myself but to rely on God, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I don't have the "answer" but I have been given the tools to help guide people to find what they are searching for. As a matter of fact you don't have to be a missionary to have those tools. We all have them. We just need to use them & application is required to find the answer for ourselves. 

Thanks again for all love and support. 

Elder Trevon Turley

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