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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lots & lots of snow

We've been super busy these past few weeks which has been way awesome! Although most of it has been filled with riding on the T and shoveling snow. Lots & lots of snow. 

This is my companion & I after shoveling snow for 3 hours straight. 

So we've had more snow than ever! Literally we've had record breaking snow and it's not stopping any time soon. It's been very strange to think that it's February and now it starts snowing a ton! The wind has been really bad & the risk of frostbite is really high. We can only go out for small periods of time during the blizzard. It's not too bad though, we just add another layer or two of clothes. I don't actually know how much is out there but I feel fairly confident in saying that it's over 8 feet of snowfall. Of course there's not actually 8 feet on the ground since it's been compacted and stuff but there is still a lot on the ground! A few days ago we went and had a community shoveling party with everyone in the neighborhood. Everybody parks on the same street so we just worked together to clear the street of snow. It was great because everybody helped and we got to meet all of our neighbors too! 

Here's a mound of snow for ya. 

On the down side it has drastically slowed down the T since the roads have become very narrow and the subway tracks are filled with snow. We've had to get very creative with getting around which really just translates to a lot of walking. I've been burning all the fat I've been picking up on the mission so that's a plus. We waited an hour for a bus the other day.  You might ask yourself "why did they not just start walking?" well to answer that I will say that there were 9 buses on that route that drove by going the other way so we knew that one would be on it's way back shortly. It didn't happen. We ended up making the 30 minute walk after all. 

Got to attend the temple last Wednesday. This is us walking up to it after a night of fresh snowfall. 

On the upside we found a new investigator and he is an allstar guy! I'll just tell you all about him and I'm pretty sure it'll give you hope for the world. So we get this media referral for him and he's requesting a bible so we call him and set up a time to meet with him and give him the bible. He is going to school at A local University so that's where we go to meet him. He's an international student and he's working to get his masters degree in Computer Science. We meet him at Starbucks and start making small talk and when we begin to shift to churchy stuff he just interupts us and says "hold up let me tell you my story" So he tells about how growing up in Asia & not being religious.  When he came to America he fell into a depression and started to feel hopeless. One of his friends told him that he should try praying to God as well as having him read the Bible. At this point he said "... so I tried praying for help, and it worked! I felt better." he also said that he knows that he can pray for anything and God will help him. So that was really great for us to hear. We began to introduce the Book of Mormon as well which he loved the idea of having two books that would help him learn about God and Jesus Christ. We committed him to take all the lessons at which point he asks us how can he increase his faith as we increase his knowledge of the Gospel, we read Alma 32 which he said answered his question. After this we read the story of Christ's baptism in Matthew since that's what he was familiar with, then we read 2 Nephi 31:5 which basically says that if Christ was so holy and he needed to be baptized then how much more do we need to be baptized. At that point we ask him what is this scripture saying and he tells us that it means we all need to be baptized including him. So then we asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes! We gave him our card which has our number as well as the address of our church on it. When he saw that he asked if he could come this sunday and we told him Yes! Unfortunately church was cancelled becaue it snowed so much. We texted him and told him that church was cancelled and he said that was fine and that he had read 1 Nephi already and that he'd prayed and felt peace in his heart. I am so pumped to teach this guy! We're meeting with him tomorrow so that's something I'm really looking forward to.

Yes I got your package. It was so great. We named him Chayo. 

Well that was pretty much is the highlight of the week. We've had to stay inside a lot lately due to the weather. It's really thrown our schedule out of whack. We've been doing a lot of shoveling and I'm so grateful for all of your prayers, they're keeping me from freezing out in this cold which is a huge blessing.

This is me learning to make bread. Elder Tuckett is one of the elders living in our apartment & he makes great homemade bread. 

Congrats to Cam for making the team. That's super sweet!

I'll be looking forward to your letters next week.

Elder Trevon Turley

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