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Monday, January 26, 2015

Huge snow storm coming

Well the computer I'm using is ridiculously slow and is not letting me upload pictures but rest assured, I took some so it's just gonna have to wait until another time. I'll keep trying with what time I have left. 

This week has been pretty crazy but I guess that's normal for this area.  We set a goal within our zone to extend 45 Baptismal commitments in the last week of January so that's been a lot of fun, we have 9 companionships in our Zone so that's 5 per companionship.

 I set a personal goal to find someone on the T that I will eventually get to extend a baptismal commitment to.  I don't know if they'll accept but I have a goal to extend. Becasue of this goal we've been trying really hard to get lots of really good contacts on the T and it's put me in a few funny situations. The best one is when we were on the bus heading to the church on a Friday night to do some record updates and so I start talking to this guy and things are going pretty well but we are getting pretty close to our stop and I didn't want to just give him our number and ask him to call us so I kinda just outa the blue asked him if i could have his number. Understand that he kew I was a mormon missionary and that that's what we were talking about but it was still a fairly out of place question. Even better is that he said Yes! At this time we've pulled up to our stop and I was a little caught up in things that I forgot to tell my companion not to get off at that stop.  But as the doors were closing we made eye contact with him being outside the bus & me being on the bus. He had quite the confused look on his face, all I could do was shrug my shoulders and go back to getting the guy's number and on the next stop I was sure to get off. It wasn't too far from the stop we were supposed to get off at and I walked back very quickly. My companion was fine & waiting right there for me in fact he was laughing about it at this point but I still felt a little bad about losing him temporarily. We decided that if the guy gets baptized I'll tell the story at his baptism. We've been joking about it for the past couple of days.

The T is very cool and I'm getting a little better at navigating around with it. I still am very dependent on Elder Corpus but things are getting easier. The best is when you run into other missionaries since we aren't supposed to cluster but it's exciting to see them so we'll just kinda wave and acknowledge eachother and then pretend they aren't there as we talk to other people on the T. 

Tomorrow we're supposed to get two feet of snow as well so that's gonna be pretty fun. We'll basically be confined to our apartment so that's unfortunate.

Elder Trevon Turley

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