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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christ is the one who matters most in this season

Well things have been crazy lately with the mission. We havent had much time to actually teach people since we've been going to so many meetings and have been doing a lot of mission stuff but This week should open up. 

Me shoveling snow down at the church

We found this tree up in our attic so we decided to set it up. Here is an Artistic shot of our christmas tree. We didnt have very many ornaments and for whatever reason we have a bunch of poker chips in our apartment so we made ornaments out of them! You can see a few in the picture.

I was making a snow man before a district meeting and I was the only one building him. Everyone else said it was too cold and they didnt have gloves. SO the Arizona boy representing it up here. I lost feeling in my fingrertips for a few days but it was worth it!

We baptized our only progressing investigator so now we can spend a lot of time finding people and doing service and working with ward members to get referrals. He's worked in security his whole life and he keeps telling us stories about the churches security service for the apostles and stuff. I dont know where he hears these stories but he loves them and he tells us that he meets almost all the requirments to aplly to be a security guard for the apostles so I think it's a dream of his to do that one day.

This Guy was baptized two days ago and he is way awesome! He's the guy who came to us wanting to be baptized so it was great to finally baptize him. We're also going to the temple with him on Dec. 27

This guy was baptized on November 29th & we are also taking him to the temple on December 27th. It's very exciting. 

One thing I'd really like to receive from you Mom or either of my Grandmas. Names from my own family line that I can take to the temple. That would be so awesome! Also Mom a little photo book with family pictures in it, please. 

Tell Cam that his white elephant gift sounds great. Good for him for being original. Also can you send me your skype address one more time & I'll write it in my handy address book you sent me. Thanks Mom!

When I heard that the Ultimate Gift was making a new movie I was so excited! That is certainly one of the things I'll be looking forward to when I get home. Tis the pinnacle of Hallmark movies! I wonder if it's going to have Jason in it as a child? The possibilities are endless!

Our mission Christmas party is this wednesday and It's gonna be so great. It's the only "party" the mission has the whole year and the best part is that we get to go to the temple again so I'm very excited for that as well.

Our Boston temple gingerbread house. 

Elder Stevens and I in front of the Boston temple. 

I've been learning so much here on the mission but I feel as though the fact that I'm a missionary isn't why I'm learning so much. It's becasuse I have a purpose behind my studies. Something to give me a drive and push me to be better. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that anybody can learn and grow as much as a missionary so long as they have a purpose behind their learning. There is so much that we don't know but we're promised knowledge as we follow the steps in Alma 26:22. That is one of my favorite scriptures and it has so much depth to it. It's definitely one worth memorizing.

My Companion & I were talking about how if the world could have one scripture and one scripture alone what would it be? The challenge was to find a scripture so simple and full of doctrine that anybody could learn from it in a positive way. At fist Elder Stevens said Alma 5:12 but we don't know what caused the change and what was true so we got rid of it. Eventually we decided on a few scriptures that we thought were good candidates for our one verse. I'll list a few, I'd like you to read them & let me know what you think. 
2 Nephi 31:20
Moroni 10:32
2 Nephi 2:25
2 Nephi 2:27

Let me know your pick or of any others that you think are better. My personal favorite is 2 Nephi 31:20, It's a way awesome scripture and I'm pretty sure it's Grandma Turley's favorite at least that's what I have marked in my scriptures. 

Remember that Christ is the first Gift of Christmas and that he's the one who matters most in this season. I love you all and am praying for you daily.
-Elder Turley


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