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Monday, December 22, 2014

Remember where it all comes from

So on Wednesday we had our Christmas Mission Party which was so much fun. It started off super spiritual since we all got to go to the temple and then we had some instruction from the mission presidency, by the way the guy who wrote the Power of Everyday Missionaries is in our mission presidency so it's way cool to hear from him. He's a great man.  We had a musical fireside after that and man do we have talent in this mission. We have this asian girl who can play the piano better than anyone I've ever met before. She can play ridiculously well I can't even explain it. We also have this guy who's a master at the organ in fact he's played in a concert at the Conference Center and I guess that's not even the most prestigious organ he's played. Then we had dinner and after that each zone had a skit and a song that they performed. I'll try and get the skit to you eventually since it was recorded. Then we got our presents from home and I can officially say that I have enough food for a long time now so thank you very much for that Mom. Especially the eating out gift cards.  Also thank you to everyone who mailed me presents and cards and stuff it's been a lot of fun to open them up and share them with my companion. 

We've had quite a lot of success knocking on doors with this Christmas season since people are much more open to messages of Christ and with the new church video that came out we've made some real progress with people. Plus when it's below freezing people are more inclined to let you in their house just for the sake of warming you up.

We've been helping out this guy who's a neurosurgeon in our ward with his horses. Every saturday we go and shovel the stalls and feed the horses and stuff like that. In return they feed us some of the greatest breakfasts known to man. Mostly because they buy really nice maple syrup from northern Vermont and it is amazing! It might even be better than buttermilk syrup. This guy is also the largest collector of Mormon antiques east of the Mississippi. He's got stuff that the church would love to get a hold of. As a result I've held a few 1830 editions of the Book of Mormon, I've held Heber C. Kimballs personal Book of Mormon, I've held the rarest edition of the Book of Mormon which is actually the first edition of the Hawaiian version and countless other books and notes and stuff concerning church history. It's really helped me to see these early church leaders as real people with real personalities and given me a greater appreciation for what they've done for us. 

Well have a great Christmas everyone and remember where it all comes from. 
Love Elder Trevon Turley 

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