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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Do you know a family we could teach?

Well this week was very good for me, it was an extremely difficult yet positive week. As far as numbers go our week didn't go to well but as Preach My Gospel says success is measured by our willingness to serve the Lord and we certainly had that. We talked with a lot of people but most of them weren't interested, actually out of all the people we were asked to visit none of them were interested. Thankfully at one of our  last visits we saw an advertisement for an old lady who makes alterations on clothing and we wanted to see what she had to offer. Well she wasn't home but we knocked on her neighbors doors to see what they could tell us and we met a nice old lady named Ruth! She's 91 years old and her husband died when she was 54. I think she said 5 times during our ten minute conversation with her that she was ready to see her husband again and she wanted to hurry up and finish what God wanted her to do so she could die. It was slightly humorous because she had a lot of spunk. Thankfully I was so desperate after all the doors being closed on us I said "Ruth we can teach you how to ensure that you'll be with your husband forever, when can we come by?" She responded well to that and we'll be seeing her this week. 

On Thursday we had the director of Proselyting come to our mission which was super great. I felt like a new missionary again with all the new things I learned! And he only taught from Preach My Gospel. I realized how over time I had altered missionary work and there were many points that weren't in line with PMG so I set a goal to forget what I know and see what PMG has to say. It's been good. The director of proselyting said "if you want to teach a family, pray and ask God to help you find one" well we did and spent Saturday looking for the family. We visited a lot of people, knocked on a lot of doors and asked for many referrals! My door approach was "We prayed that we could teach a family today, do you have a family that we could teach?" I figured my honesty would allow the Holy Ghost to testify more completely. Well we found no family, I don't know why but we tried really hard and it was a really good learning experience. I hadn't felt so close to the Lord in a long time. I'm still praying for a family and we're even knocking on doors that have multiple cars in the driveway because we think there's a family at the house. I'm sure they'll turn up eventually. I'm hoping we'll have an ether 1:12 experience, that would be nice.

You can pray for the family too, that would be helpful

Elder Trevon Turley

I decided to rename Soup. He looked more like a Sriracha to me. He is having quite the adventures here in New England territory. 
He & Chiao get along very well. 

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