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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Great week!

Well this week was very good. We taught lots of people and found 3 three new investigators. They are Jared, Steve and Amanda. They're pretty great people and all of them are at various stages of their conversion. 

Amanda is great and is totally on track to be baptized. She had requested a Bible online and we had been having a really hard time getting ahold of her. For about 4 weeks we had been trying to visit her and it had amounted to nothing. Her neighbors said she worked odd hours but they couldn't really tell us more. Well we found her on Thursday, literally. She was home and excited to meet us! We gave her a Bible and she told us about how she was intentionally raised without a spiritual background. She's a single adult mom with a three year old daughter and really wants to raise her in a good environment. So she started looking for a church. She couldn't find one that fit her needs but thankfully the church is true so it totally fit her needs perfectly and we invited her to come and have a tour of the church the next day which she accepted. After calling people for like 30 minutes we got sis. Marks to come with us.  Crazy story, Amanda and Sis. Marks are both Nurses! and they know some of the same people, it could not have been better. The church tour only made things better for Amanda and she said she would come to church this Sunday. We told her we'd like to visit her on Saturday as well for like 15 minutes just to help her feel more comfortable at church but unfortunately she couldn't because of traffic and stuff but we texted her a lot. Come Sunday we walk out of Ward Council and there in the pews thirty minutes early is our friend Amanda and her daughter. Well her daughter wasn't there a lot she was running around sitting with ever other family that had kids her age meanwhile half the relief society was talking with Amanda, it was absolutely perfect.

Tonight we're going to dinner with the Hoods and Amanda is coming too! She has expressed that she really wants a church that would help her daughter and conveniently The Hoods have a 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter and they're in charge of the family home evening lesson tonight so we're really excited to see how that turns out. 

We had a mini missionary this week, his name was Drayton Troop he was cool

Also we went to a Thai restaurant and we were the only ones there, it was really funny and the food wasn't very good

Elder Trevon Turley

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