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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Awesome Week!

We had an awesome week! We were super busy and even when appointments fell through we always found some way to be productive. We made the best of it and had a lot of fun keeping busy. One of the people we're teaching (Barry) has been moving along very well! I love the guy and he always makes the most original comments. He has some remarkable faith in Jesus Christ and almost every time we talk about Christ he tears up and it's cool to see. He also loves the Book of Mormon and continues to be amazed by it and what he reads there. Much of what we teach he already believes. In fact he already believed in the Plan of Salvation. He has a different name for everything and his ideas were a little off but everything we teach he readily accepts. Except Baptism. He'll get there though, he came to church this past Sunday and had a wonderful time. He had previously come to a baptism on  Saturday so when we asked him to come to church he said "of course! I loved the way I felt there, why would I deny myself that feeling again," so that was really cool.  Why has he not been baptized you might say? Well I don't really know, he always has a few excuses most of which revolve around his Catholic/Italian heritage but I think that it's deeper than that. Thankfully God knows and it's very easy to see how much the Spirit has been working within him, his knowledge in the Gospel is increasing tremendously but his actual conversion is taking more time. When he met our bishop he compared himself to a Marlin and said that I was like the fisherman reeling him in. I felt like one of Christ's disciples in Matthew 4:19!  Of course we both know that it's the Spirit that converts but I'm certainly doing all that I can to help bring that Spirit into Barry's life. 

Elder Whittle got his birthday package and it came at the perfect time! Not only did you get the day right but it came while we were home and the mailman rang our doorbell so he was able to open it right away. He was very impressed with the package so thank you very much. I don't know if you knew this but cherry cake is his favorite which was quite amazing that you sent that. The triscuits were too strong for him but that's fine because I think they're great! He loved everything else. Thank you very much Mom. 

This picture is from a couple months ago but here you go. 

Elder Trevon Turley

Received this from a family in Trev's ward. They write that Elder Turley is the greatest and their kids really enjoy him.  They are hoping he won't be transferred just yet. 

Got these pictures from another Ward member (sister Graff) she is so great to send me pictures weekly. She says this was her sneaky shot of them vacuuming (completely unsolicited) after her sons baptism. She sent them home with a big plate of cinnamon rolls which I'm sure he loved. So grateful for these members who look after them. 

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