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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Temple day in Boston

We got to go to the Temple Yesterday! That was wonderful and I learned a lot and received a lot of revelation about the work here in Oxford which is always needed. The Temple was so busy that they stopped following the schedule and started having sessions as soon as they could fill an entire room. It was cool to be a part of that. Since we were near Boston we explored there for our Pday and that was great to be back. I really miss it and it was good to know that I can still navigate the city without a map. Granted it's been less than 3 months since I left but I was still a little worried. We got to visit a few old investigators as well and even though they're no longer being taught it was still great to see them. I also got to see Elder Corpus which made me much happier than I was expecting. We didn't always agree on how to go about the work but after serving with him for over 4 months and then not seeing him for almost the same period of time really brought us together I guess. I could tell he was happy to see me too.

We've been doing well here in Oxford but it still seems like a lot of the work we do is with members who are already very active. I understand that we can help everybody but sometimes I feel like there are people out there who need us more. If members are the key to missionary work than maybe I need to turn the key a little more to unlock the door because we certainly have lots of member help.  

As of late I've been doing a lot of studying in the Epistles of Paul and that's been very rewarding. It's easy to read the words but I've really been trying to understand why Paul felt it nescessary to write what he did to each group of saints that he wrote to. It's helped me learn a lot about the history of the early church as well as the struggles that the early converts had. Most important it's helped me recognize how synonymous the role of the church was back then versus the role of the church in our day. 

We started teaching this lady named Linda and she's fantastic. She met a member from Utah in an airport and talked for an extensive length about the church. The member referred her to us and upon arriving at her house she pulled up behind us after getting home from work. We had a wonderful chat outside her house about a lot of her initial questions. A lot of her interest was centered on our churches claim on living prophets and apostles as well as our churches belief on marriage. Conveniently we were able to use the "Family: A Proclamation To The World" to answer both of her questions. Her husband was very interested about what we define salvation as in our religion as well as what it takes to achieve salvation and he does not currently believe in modern day prophets and apostles but with careful study and preparation I'm sure we will be able to satisfy all of their questions. It's a good thing I've been studying Paul I guess because I'm sure that will come in handy.

I appreciate all the mail I've been getting these past few weeks, it's been very helpful and uplifting. Hard days are made lighter when I get mail. Now don't send me mail everyday mom just because I said that, if I got mail everyday then it would lose it's effect. Besides I usually get it on the hard days already so just keep doing what your doing. It really has been great. 

One last thing. I feel like I need a medical bracelet. I don't know what it takes to get one or what all information needs to be on it. I'll let you figure that one out. I do think it would be important for me to get one. Could you help me with that please?

Thanks and have a great week

Elder Trevon Turley

yesterday we had a pday in boston and it was great becasue I got to visit a few former investigators and stuff and these pictures are from when we helped some of them move.

The stairs were too narrow to use them so we just picked up the couch and took it out on the roof

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