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Monday, August 10, 2015

Staying put

I've officially been in Oxford for 6 weeks! A whole transfer has come and gone. Three people gave us referrals this past week and they're all for families! We've been trying to get in contact with all of them which seems to be the hardest part but we're working on it. This past week we did a lot of Service! We've really been putting ourselves out there asking to help people and this week it payed off. It's been really helpful with gaining the trust of members as well s doing some manual labor. I didn't realize how much I missed doing manual labor until I started doing it again, it felt pretty good.

Steve was confirmed Sunday and it was a really powerful experience. Nothing remarkable was said during the blessing but I could feel the power of the Priesthood and the Holy Ghost and I knew that Steve was being sanctified by it. He only stayed for sacrament meeting because he's too sick to stay for all of church. Steve has taught me a lot and I know that God will use him as an instrument in His hands. Please pray for his health. 

I'm not sure if I've written home about this but I've become something known as a "digital missionary" I can go on predetermined chat websites and use it as a finding tool to teach people the restored gospel. It's really quite effective actually, if you think about it compared to tracting. We can't get on at any time of the day, only in the mornings and it's pretty much what we do in place of tracting. Instead of knocking on doors we go on chat websites and talk to hundreds of people who are already willing to talk! The trick is getting to Skype with them and then introducing them to the local missionaries. I've had three Skype's: one from Thailand, Indonesia and Japan! It's so cool! I literally pray that I will find someone in Japan that Jaron could teach because that would make for the coolest conversion story! In the end though I'll pretty much talk to anybody because I can't judge who is or isn't ready for the gospel. We pray every time we start that God will help us know who to talk to and what to say. It's quite a bit of fun too!

Anyways thank you for praying that the members in Oxford will help us find people to teach. It has already helped! We now have referrals for three families that we did not have last week. I know that prayer is crucial to our success. I know that Joseph prayed and got an answer to his prayer so I can too. 

Elder Trevon Turley

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