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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

For the colony, and for oppressed ants everywhere!

Hello everybody,

This week has been pretty awesome as usual. We got a new investigator this week who's a former investigator and is a part member family and he came back to church all on his own. When he told us that he and his girlfriend were finally getting married he then added "that means I can get baptized and married in the temple too, right?" It was pretty great. I'll probably only teach him once more though since I'm getting transferred. That's alright the new Elder and Elder Nixon will do a great job. 

Well I'm finally getting transferred and I'm pretty sad about that but if you haven't mailed that stuff I requested yet then just hold off so I won't have as much to bring to my new apartment but if you have already mailed it then no biggie.

We had a Ward Barbecue and it was so great for us. It was the first ward event since I'd been in the area and it was needed. We played soccer afterwards in the field behind the church and we were trying to get one of our investigators Eddyson to come play too. Eventually he did but he was pretty shy about it but once he got in the goalie box he became a new man. He opened up and did a really good job! He was probably the best one out there. Unfortunatley he was on the other team so we lost. But so long as Eddyson had a good time with the ward members I'm content. 

We haven't been able to get a hold of Fred recently since his phone ran out of minutes but hopefully at the beginning of the month we'll be able to reconnect with him and set something up at that time. 

We were helping a member find his fathers grave so that he could go and give him flowers on fathers day using the website It was a great experience and I'm grateful to have helped him do that. Afterwards we decided to see if we could do any work for Elder Nixon since he knows nothing about his family and the actual familysearch website hasn't had the records. Well lo and behold we were able to link 1500 names to Elder Nixons tree all becasue we found the missing links through, it was really awesome and Elder Nixon was so happy and I was too.

On Thursday Elder NIxon and I went to a Return and Report which is a missionary meeting for trainers and the new missionaries. It was the last one that President Packard will preside over and it was truly amazing. At first he spoke about consecration and Zion and what God expects us to do as missionaries and lifelong members in regards to living consecrated lives. Then we received training and stuff but at the end President spoke specifically about the relationship between Convenants and Ordinances and reasons why God uses them. Right after that we all went to the temple and boy am I grateful for President Packard for living the kind of life where the things that he teaches us about life he can testify of becasue of the personal life he has lived and the spiritual experiences he has gone through. 

Here we are at the temple with Harry who recently got baptized. 

Anyways thanks for caring for me and doing all that you can to help me be my best, I love you and pray for you.

Elder Trevon Turley

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