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Monday, January 19, 2015

The treacherous jungle of the city

So I have only taken like a single picture since we've been so ridiculously busy saving the souls of God's children. But today is P-day and I'll be sure to take cool pictures of stuff. 

It's been a little hard to take an active role in planning since I don't know anything about the area but I'm trying my hardest and I feel like it won't be too long until we've got the area down. Something of a change is that we take public trasnportation everywhere! It's all called the "T" but it could be anything from the bus to the train to the subway so it's been really fun to get a taste of that style of life. It's also a lot easier to talk to people when you're stuck sitting next to them for however long they're on the T. 

My companions name is Elder Corpus he is from Oregon. He's older than me by like two months but I came out a transfer before him so he's going into his second transfer and I'm going into my third. We hit it off pretty well and I think we're gonna be really good friends. We've already decided we're gonna work super hard!

We also have the most concentrated group of missionaries in the mission. We have a set of Elders and Sisters over the English ward and the same for the Spanish ward. The Portuguese group has two Elders and one set of Sisters. We also have a set of Haitian Elders and we all go to the same church building and cover the same area! We go to church at different times of course but it's completely different from my last area where the closest missionaries were an hour away. All in all there's like 26 missionaries in this area, and there's a ton of work here! It was a little overwhelming at first but things have been getting easier and it won't be too long before I feel comfortable navigating the treacherous jungle of the city. 

I'll be sure to include more details in my next letter but I've gotta go for now.

Elder Turley

P.S. My new address is:1 O'leary Way Apt. 93

This is the last picture I took with Elder Stevens, he goes home at the end of this transfer. 

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