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Monday, April 20, 2015

All we gotta do is build ya an act! Make ya a star. A headliner! Dumbo the grrreeeaaat!

Today is Patriots Day which is pretty big here in New England. It's also the Boston marathon which is real exciting. So this week has been pretty great missionary wise but honestly I think I'm just gonna write about today as I'm limited on time. 

 So we got up at 3 am to make it to a re-enactment of the first battle of the revolutionary war. The actual battle only lasted minutes and America actually lost but that's alright. Never have I felt such a deep sense of patriotism towards the land of my fore-fathers as I did at that time. Plus Pres. Packard was there too so that was fun to see him. We also went to the Boston Marathon and that was a lot of fun! There were so many people there from all over the world! It was amazing how many members were there too. It was a pretty miserable day weather wise and a lot of the runners were walking around shivering because of the cold. it took us forever to actually find the race because so many roads were blocked off and there was a lot of security checkpoints everywhere. Although we finally got there and it was super great to just sit on the sidelines and cheer people on as they killed themselves running! Maybe one day I'll work up the self motivation to run a marathon. Maybe. 

Anyways I'm sorry this letter is pretty lame and not really gospel related but I didn't have much time and I knew I could write about this fairly quickly. Just know that I am busy doing the Lords work. 

Elder Trevon Turley

So this is me & my companion, our mini missionary & the sisters riding the subway. 

This is from inside a members house overlooking the skyline. Pretty nice view. 

This one is a poster of a girl at a stop & shop. She is pretty much their poster child for a fundraiser for children's cancer. The cool thing is we met her & we get to give her a blessing before she goes in for her next round of chemo. 

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