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Friday, October 10, 2014

You better believe I raised my hand

So I've been here three days now and its been fun. It's amazing how much you learn in a day and how they help you realize the things you already know. My companions name is Elder Layland and he's from Ogden Utah. We're both going to Boston so that's cool. Our teachers are really cool and funny which is nice because it keeps things fresh. I realize I've said cool a lot and I can honestly say it is really cool here, especially in the morning. I always wear my suit just to stay warm & comfortable. I don't know how I'm going to survive the cold in the Boston area. 

Could you please put my updated address on Facebook. I would appreciate that. There's not much to say I mean It's only been three days. One of the Elders in my district was super pumped and bragging because he got six letters in one day. I was thinking it might be fun to show him up a bit. So my plan is to have everyone I know write me. Of course this is all dependent upon you so I just want you to know I'm counting on you to come through for me Mom.  I'm just kidding about showing the elder up but it really would be awesome if a lot of people wrote me. I didn't come here with anyone's email but yours Mom so if you could also mention on facebook to have people email me with their name's so I can actually write them that would be great. 

If you forwarded Jaron's letters to me as well that would be appreciated since I can't just go to his blog. Keep me updated on him please.

You can let Justin know I fulfilled his invitation regarding our purpose. When all the new Elders/Sisters were gathered together on the first day the MTC presidency gave us all a riveting talk getting everyone pumped and then at the end they started asking us about our responsibilities pre-mission. If you can guess where this is leading they ended by asking if anyone had memorized our purpose and you better believe I raised my hand. The MTC president had me go stand up in front of everybody and recite it and and oh boy was I shaking (my district said they didn't notice it but I was) anyways after I finished he told me he had never heard it recited so well. I bet he tells that to everyone. He also told everyone we were the best looking group of missionaries he had ever seen so who knows if he can even be trusted, ha ha I'm kidding of course. 

Love you guys, Trevon

PS Write me. Dear Elder would be best since I'm only here 12 days. 

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